6 Keys to Small Business Success

Running a small business can sometimes feel like a juggling act. No matter the size of your team, you need all the help you can get to run sales, marketing, operations, finance and human resources. And this is just to keep the status quo. How can a business owner find the time to grow their business with all this activity going on? Having the right technology in place can help answer that question. This will help any small business do what they do best – but even better and with more profit – and free up time to focus on growth. Think about your current systems and processes with the following six ideas in mind.

1. Make Processes as Efficient as Possible Efficiency is not just a buzzword from consultants. It is an idea that should always be in the back of your mind when developing new business processes or review existing ones. Take a lesson from manufacturing and look for scalable, repeatable processes in your business that keep your team in mind. Don’t treat your staff like robots, but keep them from doing tasks in ways that don’t make logical sense.

2. Get All Your Data In One System Small businesses frequently grow in fits and starts and their systems often follow that pattern. Some activities even exist outside those systems. It used to be called paper, but now it is impractical to look up customer invoices on a paper report, because no one accesses to the billing system. The customer record lives somewhere else. And don’t forget about those business cards from the last trade show gathering dust on the corner of your desk.

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Top 5 Mistakes for Small Businesses

Nearly half of all new businesses don’t make it past their fifth anniversary, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. That makes it crucial for mom and pops to get basic strategies right from the get-go.

Even though economists tell us the recession has been over for four years, banks remain as stingy with business loans as ever. There’s little room for error. So it’s important that small-business owners recognize the pitfalls that await them and learn how to avoid them.

There are five common mistakes that stand out as potentially crippling problems for small businesses:

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7 Biggest Small Business Trends of 2013

1. Franchising as a career alternative is set to explode.

Franchise consulting firm FranNet saw business booming in the latter half of 2012. As of December, the company expected to finish the year at an all-time high, with about $14 million in gross revenue, up 44% year over year. FranNet had a 30% to 40% increase in clients looking to open their own franchise, says president and COO Jania Bailey.

The company expects 2013 to be another record year.

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10 Success Secrets for Business in a Bad Economy

1. Value Before Brand 

Focusing your time and money on your “Brand” may increase name recognition however it doesn’t generate revenue. Showing customers what value your product or service provides will generate revenue.

2. Stop Scaring Customers Away

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