Help Philippines with Grace Period

Dear Friends and Family,

Grace PeriodTM and DSV Group, LLC is cognizant of the Sona Quake and Haiyan Typhoon that rocked the Philippines on Friday, November 8, 2013. As the death toll continues to rise, our hearts are saddened once again by the disaster left behind in this impoverished country. In light of our current passion to continue to raise funds for Mission Haiti, we will donate a quarter portion of the funds collected to help surviving victims in the Philippines. Please consider a donation of $5.00 or more to support #MissionHaiti by visiting the following:

Grace Period Mission Haiti Donation Link

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Grace Period Mission Haiti

Dear Family & Friends, Grace Period™ Mission Haiti on Tuesday November 19th is approaching rather quickly and we are reaching out to our family & friends who may be in a position to provide their business services to benefit the Grace Period #MissionHaiti fundraiser. Your charitable contributions and business will be highlighted & advertised on all social media networks and at the event. Marketing to over 150k people worldwide combined through Arzo Enterprises DSV Group, LLC Necessary Presence Grace Amazin Arzo Please contact Danielle Noon or Grace Amazin as soon as possible since time is of the essence. Peace & Blessings. 


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