Starting A Food Truck Business

Food trucks are popping up everywhere. From New York to Los Angeles, the number, variety and quality of food trucks are on the rise. Before you consider quitting your job and hitting the open road in your gourmet mobile machine, check out these tips for getting a food truck business started.

Create An Identity
Food trucks typically do not have more than 8-10 regular menu items which means consumers typically look for a truck that specializes in a specific cuisine. You have to find a need, something a specific group of people want, but can’t get at the big chain restaurants or other local food trucks; and fill it.

Write A Business Plan
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4 Startup Tips For New Female Business Entrepreneurs

According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, women now run 40 percent of the nation’s privately held businesses. Being your own boss can provide flexibility that women look for to balance home life and work life. You can dig deeper into your passions, and it’s one of the best opportunities for professional success. Here are four tips to get you on the right foot into your new, promising career.

1. Build your network before you build your business. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, don’t wait until you submit a resignation letter to start working on your business. You never know who could help you in the future.

2. Make a plan. Develop a sustainable business plan that fleshes out every detail of your company with real financial projections based on market research. Casting a clear vision on what you want to achieve will give you tangible goals to begin pursuing and provide a road map for turning your desire into a reality.

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5 Easy Ways to Get More Retweets


One of the fastest way to gain Twitter notoriety is by having other users retweet you. But is there a science to getting retweeted more often? Absolutely. Here are five simple ways you can increase the likelihood of your followers clicking that sacred retweet button.

Quote vs. Retweet

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5 Websites That Will Make You Smarter!

Admit it… you probably spend way more time scrolling to Facebook and Twitter than you care to admit, looking at updates from people you don’t even care about. Give your brain a little break and check out these five websites that could actually increase your IQ a bit as you waste time.

Duolingo: Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Well, now you have your chance. It’s basically a college level language learning site but it’s free! You can’t beat free!

Instructables: Increase your practical life skills with this interesting website. From learning how to plant the perfect garden to cooking a creme bruleé, this website features fun videos with simple instructions that anyone could understand.

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