Street Boutique DC

#StreetBoutiqueDC is complete! Thank You to everyone who helped make this mission a success.

Click the link below to see photos from the event. For more information about Grace Period a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization please

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Back To School Event

Grace Period Presents “The Street Goddess Project” at the Community-Partnership Back to School Event

2 Hour Workshop with DC’s own Business Owner, Philanthropist & Socialite Grace Amazin

Here Grace’s story:
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Street Boutique – Giving Back To The Community

As Albert Einstein said, ‘The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving’. Volunteering and lending a hand in a charitable campaign has long been considered a commendable practice, and allows people to help those, who are in need of aid and finance. A person who has been providing such services for a long time now is Grace Amazin.

Grace Amazin is an enthusiastic and female entrepreneur and philanthropist, who has been working as a business model for quite some time now. Alongside her entrepreneurial journey, Grace has been extensively involved in activities, which aims towards giving back to the community. From the age of 26 when she opened her first business, Grace has been working hard and the rewards of her commitment to give back to the community are some of the platforms such as Grace Period 501(c)(3) and a fashion truck called Shop Arzo.

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Arzo Enterprises