Business Start Up Check List

Business Start Up Check List


Clearly, thousands of tasks arise as you plan and launch your new business. Add to this checklist your own special tasks.

 Understand the responsibilities/benefits of business ownership

 Evaluate your strengths, list your weaknesses and set goals

 Choose the business you want to start

 Obtain any training, education, licensing or accreditation you need

 Apply for needed trademarks, patents, copyrights,

 Decide form of ownership

 Write a budget and decide how much money you will need for the first year

 Write business plan

 Research your market

 Define your niche

 Identify your most likely customer

 Determine how to handle distribution

 Develop a marketing plan

 Choose your location, sign a lease if necessary

 Apply for fictitious business name

 Retailers obtain resale license

 Obtain tax identification number from the Internal Revenue Service

 Apply for city business license or home occupation permit, if needed

 Reserve web site domain name

 Set up financial records

 Establish on-going relationship with an accountant

 Open a business bank account

 Obtain a merchant account for accepting credit card payments

 Buy necessary business insurance

 Order business cards, stationary

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