Starting a Business

Why start a business

Many people start a business because they’re tired of a boss ordering them around.
Others have a hobby, skill or idea they want to pursue without considering whether anyone will pay them to do it.
Still others are desperate after being laid off and unable to find another job immediately.
But those motives are insufficient to be successful running your own company over the long term.
Most small-business owners start out with skill in the technical side of their venture. They know how to make something, like crafts, or do something like bookkeeping.
That’s just the beginning.
Consider how you like to work and the types of work you enjoy. A business owner must be a multi-tasker: make the product, create marketing materials, send out invoices and follow up when customers don’t pay, strategize for future growth and find the best financing deals.
Successful entrepreneurs are thick skinned, independent and able to forego instant gratification.